Welcome to the 10th Anniversary Virginia Wine Expo (VWE)!

Please join us March 8-12, 2017, in Richmond, Virginia—"RVA" to the locals—for a singular opportunity to taste Virginia, Spanish, Portuguese and Sonoma County, CA wines, craft beers, whiskeys, artisan burgers, global smoked cuisine, gourmet noodles and dumplings, and more!.    Spain and Portugal is the International Guest Region and Sonoma County is the National Guest Region for 2017.  You'll experience amazing wine and delicious cuisine from these regions in addition, of course, to Virginia wine and locally sourced food at the event.

What to Expect at the Expo

We think you'll love RVA!   In fact, TRAVEL+LEISURE magazine and NATIONAL GEOGRAPHIC just put RVA on their respective international lists of 'Best Places to Travel' (for amazing food, craft beverages and more) in 2016. Read all about it here and here

We've made major enhancements to virtually all of our events to improve your experience. You're going to get more of what you love - great wine, amazing food, knowledgeable wine representatives, top-notch chefs - at next year's Expo.

Also, we have chosen Spain/Portugal and Sonoma County, CA as the International and National Guest Regions, respectively, for the 10th Anniversary VWE.  Please look for wines from these famous regions to be integrated into many of the events on the schedule, including the Walk-Around Grand Tastings, SMOKED!, Burger Blast, A Noodle & Dumpling Affair, some of the seminars and dinners, and more.

Here's what you can expect in March:

  • MUCH more wine at the Walk-Around Grand Tastings (650+). At the "Walk-Around" you'll be able to taste and buy hundreds of Virginia wines AND taste 200+ bottles of wine from the 2017 International Guest Region of Spain/Portugal and the National Guest Region, Sonoma County, California. 
  • EASY and FAST access to wine at the Saturday Walk-Around Grand Tasting. In 2017, you'll have the option to buy a VIP/Early Admission ticket to the Saturday Walk-Around Grand Tasting, which will get you in two hours earlier than General Admission ticket-holders. NOTE: The Sunday Walk-Around Grand Tasting is always a mellow affair with relatively easy and fast access to the wines, which is why there is no Early Admission option.
  • In addition to the Walk-Around Grand Tasting, there are also VIP/Early Admission sessions for Burger Blast and SMOKED!
  • Seven ticket packages (combo deals), which save you money to all of the signature events at the Expo as well as to the Grand Brunch and Dinner.  Scroll down to the bottom of the ticket page for details.
  • You can expect MANY more burgers (22), much more wine and craft beer, and plenty more room at Burger Blast. This event has sold out four years running and we expect another sell-out in 2017. We'll have an incomparable supply of artisan burgers and a much bigger space to play with to ensure you can savor every bite of the burgers and every sip of Virginia, Spanish, Portuguese and Sonoma County, CA wine, and craft beer in a comfortable enviroment, while you listen to live music.
  • The Grand Brunch and 10th Anniversary Dinner will be held at restaurants led by some of Richmond's culinary stars.
  • A major new event called A Noodle & Dumpling Affair.  Prepare to enjoy this utterly delicious NEW event, featuring noodles, dumplings and complementary dishes from China, India, Japan, Vietnam, Korea, Italy, Philippines, Israel, and Poland, wine from Virginia, Spain/Portugal and Sonoma County, CA, cider and craft beer from Scott's Addition-located breweries and cideries, sake, and music.

Please note that tickets to the Walk-Around Grand Tastings are $10 less, if you buy them on this website rather than at the door. Tickets are available for sale on this website until about 2 hours before the event, unless sold out.  Non-drinking Admission tickets are available for all Walk-Around Grand Tasting sessions, Burger Blast, SMOKED! and A Noodle & Dumpling Affair.

In addition to reading the event schedule, we strongly recommend you review the event tips and general information.


The Virginia Wine Expo is proud to be a Virginia Green event, which requires passing strict guidelines that minimize our impact on the environment.