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About the Wines of South Africa

South African wine has exploded onto the international wine scene over the past decade.  A confluence of factors including better viticultural techniques, a focus on quality, ambitious entreprenuers, more open international trade, and twenty years of democracy have led to an increase in exports from 24.5 million liters in 1993 to more than 525.7 million liters in 2013.

South Africa has emphasized environmetal sustainability.  These efforts have led to the "introduction of a sustainability seal, the first industry-wide, fully traceable guarantee of production integrity from soil to [Wine] pack", according to a press release from Wines of South Africa.

Most of the higher quality wine production comes from the Cape regions' mountains and valleys.  This area enjoys a Mediterranean-like climate, which is ideal for growing Vitis vinifera grapes used in wine production.  

In 2013, South Africa was ranked 9th in the world for its wine production, capturing a 3.9% global market share.

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